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Dance Party in The Highlands #jamband #psychedelic #phish #livemusic #funk #maritimes

Dance Party in The Highlands #jamband #psychedelic #phish #livemusic #funk #maritimes

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Voodoo Sometimes is a psychedelic jam-band based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia - comprised of Matthew Fraser (lead guitar/vocals), Aidan Zann-Roland (bass), and Garrett Jenkins (drums). Matthew Fraser is a 23 year old Cape Breton-raised guitarist and singer-songwriter who was involved in various sessions and bands in the festival scene before meeting up with bassist Aidan Zann-Roland at Dalhousie University. The two found a comfortable creative outlet in their writing and jams before bringing in an old time friend and versatile jazz drummer, Garrett Jenkins of Antigonish, to round off the trio.

Early years:

Formed in 2018, the band has been showcasing their unique blend of celtic, funk, and psychedelic-rock in performances across the Maritimes. With high-energy, extended jams, and catchy songs, Voodoo Sometimes have been known to create a portal straight to the dance floor that leaves audiences exhilarated. 

Prior to the pandemic, the band built momentum with the release of various singles and in-studio music videos that garnered a dedicated fanbase in the local festival and jam-band scene - this leading to a notable performance at the final Evolve Music Festival in 2019. After touring the Maritime festival circuit for two years in their newly bought “band van”, Voodoo made their first break into the Montreal music scene in the winter of 2020 with a show at l’Escogriffe to celebrate the release of their second single, “Hummingbird's Vice”. 

Voodoo Sometimes hit the studio in September 2021, set to record their highly anticipated full-length project with up and coming producer, engineer, and sonic wizard John Janigan-Mills. A weekend of sessions took place in a single room in Mahone Bay. In this collaborative and creative environment, many of the final takes and bed tracks were performed live off the floor. Leading to the album release, the band dropped two singles - the proggy-celtic track “The Highlands” on April 15, followed by the introspective, dark, country- influenced “Fake Smile” on May 13th. 

The album “A Hummingbird’s Vice”, which released online on June 3, 2022, is the most coherent summation of the band’s sound, performances, and musical vision to date. The release was followed with a mini-tour through Ontario and Quebec, and ended with an unforgettable album release party at the legendary Bearly’s House of Blues in Halifax. The summer of 2022 was kept busy with a variety of notable festival appearances including Halifax Jazz Festival, New Glasgows’s Riverfront Jubilee, Festival Inspire in Charlottetown, and Fredericton’s Living Roots Music festival.

Voodoo Sometimes has collaborated with booking agent Eddie Young at Roots and Soul Promotions, Stephen Lewis of the Big Band of Fun, and the Feels Good team. 

On May 2nd, 2022 the band released their live performance video of “Feels So Good”, recorded at The Shoebox Cantina in New Glasgow. In just one month it reached over 8500 views on Youtube.

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