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Dance Party in The Highlands #jamband #psychedelic #phish #livemusic #funk #maritimes

Dance Party in The Highlands #jamband #psychedelic #phish #livemusic #funk #maritimes


Voodoo Sometimes

Step into a whirlwind of pulsating rhythms and tantalizing melodies…


Voodoo Sometimes, the psychedelic jam-band hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia, is eager to steel your face! Famed for their high-energy performances, this dynamic trio — Matthew Fraser, Aidan Zann-Roland, and Garrett Jenkins promises an unforgettable musical experience... After making waves in the Canadian festival scene, with notable mentions of Evolve Music Festival, Halifax Jazz Fest, Festival Inspire, and Come Together, along with a groundbreaking entry into Montreal’s music scene, Voodoo Sometimes is ready to transcend into never ending jams wherever they find themselves... Their most recent album is available for streaming: “A Hummingbird’s Vice.” it is described as a unique blend of Celtic, funk, and psychedelic-rock to transport you into another dimension. Celebrated for their tracks “The Highlands” and “Fake Smile”, the band’s live rendition of “Feels So Good" word is passed along that it is best to witness the magic of Voodoo Sometimes live and prepare yourself to be swept off your feet by the hypnotic sway of their music. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind experience!


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